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On your path to health transformation, the choice of the right chiropractor is pivotal, and finding the perfect fit is not always easy. You may have invested time and money with limited or no results...perhaps it's time for a change.

Dr. Jason Regis - chiropractor

Chiropractic Care

Meet Dr. Jason Regis

Dr. Jason Regis, a highly skilled chiropractor with a wealth of experience, embodies the transformational spirit of his clinic. He is dedicated to customized care, specifically tailored to individuals committed to regaining health, living pain-free, and understanding how their bodies uniquely respond to physical, emotional, and lifestyle stressors.

Inspired by his time working in physical therapy at the National Institutes of Health and his decades as a personal trainer, Dr. Regis received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University. He holds a master's Degree in Sports Health Science, specializing in Sports Injury Management, and is a Certified Conditioning Specialist.


His distinctive approach to chiropractic care, rehabilitation, extremities work and restorative conditioning has led to collaborations with athletes in professional sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, professional soccer, and Olympic track and field.

These credentials and experience serve as the cornerstone of his capacity to deliver outstanding care and achieve results.

The Difference.

Transformation Wellness Team (TWT) offerings extend beyond conventional chiropractic care, recognizing that each person seeks their own health goals.


Their ability to blend advanced diagnostic tools along with their extensive experience, enables them to craft a personalized care plan perfectly aligned with each patient's health objectives.

They employ a range of technologies and therapies to achieve results such as reducing inflammation, relieving pain, restoring mobility, increasing range of motion, detoxifying damaged tissues, alleviating arthritis-related discomfort, and expediting injury recovery.

Dr. Jason Regis chiropractor sitting at desk
Dr. Jason Regis meeting at front desk with older female patient

Your Path to Transformation.

TWT serves patients on a spectrum from pain relief to wellness and recognizes that every person's health goals and challenges are not the same. It's crucial not to lose hope if you haven't discovered the perfect fit for your health journey but know that living with persistent pain and discomfort is far from normal.


Many individuals come to TWT as a last resort, after trying various chiropractors and avenues.


Whether you choose to contact them as your first step or your last, one undeniable truth remains: they confidently guide the vast majority of our patients toward achieving their health objectives.

You don't have to settle for less when feeling better is within reach.

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